What are the unique 5 principles of app design?


What are the unique 5 principles of app design?

The process of designing an application is quite creative, whereas an app designer should know all the unique principles of design that are necessary for designing the application.

A mobile app development company in Dubai will not only understand your unique app requirements, but will also guide you with additional features.

According to research, if the UI/UX of the application isn’t intuitive and unique then, there are certain chances that your visitors will move to someone else.

At this stage, the company should start looking out for the lope holes to be fixed. Otherwise, they will keep on losing ‌visitors and will never get a group of loyal customers.

In this blog, we are going to discuss‌ the alluring app design practices that every app designer should know.

The 4 Never To Miss App Design Statistics

In this section, we are going to discuss the 5 never-to-miss app-designing facts that any app designer should read at least once.

  • There are 80% chances that the visitor will convert into a potential customer if they find the UI/UX of the application alluring. However, if not, then they will move to another application even without downloading it.
  • The UI/UX of the application should be so appealing that anyone couldn’t move without giving it a like button.
  • The app designer should work on the seamless designing of the screens, and the designs should be responsive (the app should appear same on all devices)
  • All the colors used within the application should compliment each other. If not, then ‌ users won’t find the application easy to use, and alluring.

We hope these statistics are enough to learn about the importance of UI/UX of the application. However, if you wish to learn more, then, keep reading the blog.

Gulf Countries and Their Confidence To Invest In App-Development:

When it comes to a mobile app development company in Qatar, and related areas, it has been seen that these companies are investing heavily in app design and development.

All of these companies are taking part in different seminars, conferences, and hackathons to play their role, and build a strong yet amazing brand image in the market.

Right now, anything that happens behind the curtains is kept hidden, whereas, if a little achievement is properly marketed on social media platforms, then, definitely it gains a lot of traction.

Companies are now investing in different types of applications like;

  • Real estate app development
  • Construction app development
  • Medical app development
  • Fashion app development
  • Healthcare and Fitness app development

These are a few of the most used, and downloaded applications in the Gulf regions. If you ‌ do more research, you will get to know more about these applications.

Top 5 Unique Design Principles For App Design and Development

In this section, we are going to list down the 5 unique principles of design that every app designer should learn and implement at least once in their life-time.

1.    Keeping the color contrast maximized

The first design principle includes ‌ color contrast theory, where the app designer is responsible for choosing colors that go perfectly with the application’s niche.

For example, if it is a medical healthcare application then, it’s suggested to use blue or green colors. Whereas, for fashion applications or apparel applications, it’s suggested to use dark shades of red and pink.

Color speaks a lot about your application – business. If you choose the wrong color, then you will face the consequences ‌ in the marketing phase. Therefore, the app designer should read the color contrast theory very keenly, and learn about the dynamics of colors before they choose any for the application.

2.    Maintain balance between all the objects

To maintain a balance between all the objects is very important because if the objects used within the application, like, buttons, sliders, text boxes are not properly balanced, your visitors will feel confused while using the app.

Balance between all the articles within the app screen is done by the app designer. They do proper management of the things before they proceed with the working prototype to be shared with the users.

The app designer should understand the dynamics of the screen, and see how many objects can be used in one. If they do it perfectly, then, they will always end up creating an amazing UI/UX design.

3.    Responsive Designs for all platforms

An app designer is creating the design on their PC, whereas, when the application is made live, it can be accessed from any browser. For example, the user can access the app from an iPhone 15, iPhone 11, Samsung Note, Dell Laptop, or Macbook Pro.

Therefore, the application should appear the same on all platforms, and if not then you’re missing out on really important things.

If the application starts getting disbalanced on different platforms, and doesn’t appear to be the same; that is the standard, then your design isn’t responsive. Try to create responsive design that appears to be the same on all platforms and devices.

4.    White space in between the objects

This is the most important part of the app design because if there is whitespace in between the application and the objects used within it then, there is no uniformity.

It’s all about what you add to your design and how much vacant, or white space you’re leaving in it. If the app screens are properly balanced, and there isn’t any whitespace (negative space) then it’s a good-to-go design.

Mostly, these errors are determined in the maintenance part. Companies offering mobile app maintenance services can help fix white space issues, if any.

5.    Movement Principle of design

Lastly, the movement principles of design caters to all the concerns of the users regarding the movement of the elements within the app design.

With this, you maintain the visibility of all the elements. All the elements you’ve designed should be properly seen within the app screen to the users.

If you’re following all of these design principles then, you’re a PRO in-app design.


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